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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Location Awareness is the Real iPhone Revolution

Mitch Wagner: With the imminent availability of the iPhone 3G, we're seeing the emergence of a new category of personal productivity applications that will prove as important as e-mail, word processing, and the spreadsheet: Location-aware applications, software that knows where you are and helps you take better advantage of what's around you.
Sure, Apple isn't the first to develop a GPS-aware cell phone: The BlackBerry, to name one example, supports GPS, and has
twice the market share that Apple has. But Apple has a way of capturing the public imagination, and building a platform for elegant, easy-to-use apps, that no other vendor can match.

Read the whole thing to see what he means by that. Cool!

And something tells me that, with the new lower price, Apple's market share will be increasing significantly.

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