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Sunday, July 20, 2008

How Likely Are You to Live to 100?

Longevity Science: Our findings also expanded our knowledge about centenarians in three ways:

1.The detrimental effects of obesity may have an exceptionally long time range: obesity as a young adult is still predictive of decreased chances of survival to age 100;

2.The significance of build as a predictor of exceptional longevity is much higher than other variables such as height, immigration status, and marital status;

3.Contrary to expectations based on biological studies (including life extension of dietary-restricted animals), a slender build doesn’t improve chances of survival to 100 years when compared to a medium buildit’s better not to be stout, but there’s no need to starve in order to become slim.

There's much more here, so read the whole thing.

(Via the longevity meme)

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