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Sunday, July 27, 2008

This Seems Like an Interesting Way of Tracking What's Hot on the Web

Polymeme: Polymeme helps you discover intelligent content that lies beyond the usual echo chambers of tech news, celebrity gossip or American politics.

Our site uses a unique buzz-tracking approach to identify what's currently hot in 20 areas, ranging from economics to evolution, and present it to the reader along with all sources that are currently talking about it. Thus, you can track how ideas – or memes – propagate through this new emerging networked public sphere. We would consider our mission a success if we expose you to the maximum number of new ideas on every 100 news items you read!

One of our objective is to push you to discover news from areas that you may not otherwise discover, be that books & poetry or architecture & design. We try to achieve that by combining automated buzz-tracking with some light human editorial control, where it's up to our editors to choose which stories should go to the front page and which stories should appear on sectional/sub-sectional pages of Polymeme.

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