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Sunday, July 20, 2008

VIN SUPRYNOWICZ: "It'll never get that far -- right?"

If the government orders an American corporation to turn over private phone records -- or to round up all the Jews or Japanese-Americans and put them in camps -- the correct response in either case is, "That doesn't sound legal to us. Let's go into open court and have you show us how you have the legal authority to order us to do that."

If private firms are not required to do that, under threat of lawsuit from their aggrieved customers -- especially in time of peace, when no war has been declared -- then how is our current system any better than the Third Reich, ordering their arms factories to make use of slave labor?

"You're exaggerating, Vin," some will plead. "It'll never get that far."

Really? Did you ever think it would get this far?

Ouch! Truth hurts.

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