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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Founding the Coalition for Capitalism and Individualism In America

If one watches the mainstream media, it seems that everyone is clamoring for their share of the government's largess. Banks, car companies, insurance companies, mortgage companies, individuals--seemingly everyone wants some piece of the bailout.

But yet I know that's not true. I personally know dozens of strong, proud owners of small and medium sized businesses who don't need a bailout, and wouldn't take one if it were offered to them. And I know hundreds of individual, hard-working taxpayers and mortgage payers who feel the exactly the same way. In fact, I'm convinced that these people represent the silent super-majority.

That's why I've decided, for the first time in my life, to try to start a movement--a movement designed to give this silent super-majority a voice and a sense of solidarity. I've decided to call this movement the Coalition for Capitalism and Individualism in America, or CCIA. Membership in the CCIA is open to individuals and businesses who pledge to forgo government handouts, who expect to EARN whatever money they make, and who want to support other businesses and individuals that pledge to do the same.

Specifically, members of the CCIA will be entitled to use certain key phrases, logos and perhaps other indicia of membership on their letterhead, business cards, websites, radio/TV ads, etc., all of which will signify their commitment to operate without government subsidy, and their support of other businesses who do the same.
Words and phrases such as "A Bailout-Free Company", "A Bailout-Free Dude/Chick", or simply "Member, CCIA" will evidence this commitment. No business or individual who accepts government grants, subsidies, or below market loans from federal, state, or local government entities or agencies may rightfully use such terms.

A complete list of the copyrighted phrases currently available to CCIA members can be found here.

As any good capitalist would, I hope to make a profit via this endeavor, but I don't expect I will make much: Membership in the CCIA is only $2 per month and may be canceled at anytime.

One joins the CCIA by reading and agreeing to this licensing agreement, clicking the "Submit" button at the bottom of the agreement, and completing the Electronic Enrollment Process. Once you get your electronic confirmation of payment, you are deemed a member and you may immediately begin using the appropriate phrases and logos of your choice.

If you value capitalism and individual responsibility, I hope you'll take the time to join the CCIA, place the appropriate phrases/logos on your websites, email correspondence, advertisements, etc., and encourage others to do the same. Most importantly, I hope you'll make a special effort to support CCIA members by giving them your business and attention.

Keep striving. Stay independent.

All the best,



Goddess Crystal's Pet said...

This is probably one of the most unique blogs available. I would think your sentiments ring true for many.

Cristy Carnes said...

I am right there with ya buddy, I frown on all these individuals and corporations that just seek handout after handout and don't want to actually work for what they have.

Golf Colorado Now said...

This is a good blog, well thought out and relevent. Please post more.

Anonymous said...

How is this functionally any different from Syndicalism, or worker-ownership or businesses as advocated by Socialists?