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Saturday, July 5, 2008

"What if Obama Was Conservative?"

A Liberal Fascism reader: Could you imagine the horror if it was the Republican party swooning over an oratory candidate in massive rallies with messianic overtones? The comparison to Hitler would be immediate and relentless. MSNBC would have a constant split screen showing how it was the 1930s all over again.

It's an excellent point.

And can you likewise imagine the media dismay and outcry if a conservative Obama campaign produced iconography like this (scroll down to see all the pictures).

And what if it was a conservative Obama, as opposed to the liberal one, who accepted money from a billionaire (like George Soros), a man who is both a convicted felon (in France, for insider trading) and who has given millions to organizations that were recently convicted of trying to steal the last Presidential election (like ACT and ACORN)?

But nah, there's no media bias or anything.

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