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Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Fascinating Lecture on the "Evolution v. Intelligent Design" Debate

Skip the written introduction by Charles Johnson and go straight to the videos.

As these lectures point out, whatever insights Intelligent Design may offer, they are not scientific ones.

Though the general public often uses the term "science" quite loosely, it actually means something very specific. To be precise, natural science is the process of learning by employment of a certain methodology called the "scientific method." All knowledge and learning derived by employing this method is , by definition, properly called "science." All knowledge and learning derived by any other means is, also by definition, not science.

Unfortunately, even as its intellectual founder has acknowledged, Intelligent Design theory has not yet developed to a point where its insights can be tested via the scientific method. In fact, it might never develop to that point. And, unless and until it does so, it has no place in a science class.

Note that this is not a value judgement. It is simply a logical imperative of the definition of science.

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