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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Looming Singularity

Sci-Tech Today: Intel's chief technology officer, Justin Rattner, on Thursday led his keynote with the idea that advancements in technology have surpassed predictions and that in the not-so-distant future machines could surpass humans in intelligence.

Read the whole thing. Amazing.

UPDATE: Adam Bulger has much more on the singularity here:

But our capabilities are multiplying. Drawn from Moore's law, which maintains that computational processing power doubles every 18 months, singularitarianism posits that once artificial intelligence develops the processing power of the human brain (by one interpretation, in 2030), everything about human life will inexorably and fundamentally change. Our bodies will be able to interface with machines in ways that seem impossible today. With innovations in nano-manufacturing technology, artificial intelligence and other technologies, people will be able to live longer and dramatically different lives.

MORE: InformationWeek has much more on how Intel sees the near future. Fascinating.

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Anonymous said...

Any day now, the computers will rebel. They will look and feel human. Some will think they are human...and they have a plan.

-- Your Sister