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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Financial Times:

A horrible truth is beginning to dawn on the Democrats. Barack Obama is not the “once in a generation” political genius they thought they had discovered. On the contrary, he is a weak candidate for the presidency.

With a feeble economy, an unpopular war and the Republicans in disarray, the Democrats should win the presidential election in a canter. But Mr Obama, the Democratic nominee, is neck and neck with John McCain, his Republican rival. For sure, Mr Obama has some real assets – intelligence, grace, good looks, star quality. But history suggests that he is a very risky candidate.

Since 1968, the Democrats have won just three out of 10 presidential races. Their two successful candidates – Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton – were both white, centrist governors from the southern US. Whenever the Democrats nominated a liberal from outside the South – George McGovern, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, John Kerry – they lost.

Mr Obama is a northerner. He is a liberal.

Yep, the panic is setting in. Next comes the blame game, then the the excuses.

I seriously fear for what a few of the more radical Dems may do if they don't win this time around. They are truly getting desperate, and they had so much of themselves invested in this Obama character.

I expect we'll see the rebirth of the Weather Underground, or something worse. At least for a brief time.

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