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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Chicago Crime Wave

The fatal stabbing of 9-year-old Mya Lyons on Chicago's South Side two weeks ago has galvanized an unprecedented political response. Scores of people marched through her father's neighborhood declaring, "We're not going to stand for this violence that's taking our young people," and bearing black-and-red placards reading "Stop. Killing. People." The city's murder rate has climbed 13% so far this year. As pressure mounted on city authorities, Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich declared that crime in Chicago had gotten "out of control" — the city of 3 million has a gang population officially estimated at 70,000 — and offered to send state troopers into its most crime-ridden neighborhoods.

Plainly, Chicago is facing a major problem....

Ahhh, but it's one with an easy solution: Simply repeal the city's draconian gun control laws so that law-abiding citizens can arm and defend themselves, and so that criminals have something to fear.

Afterall, the police aren't getting the job done, and clearly the criminals don't fear them.

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