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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Women Who Cut Hair Short Are Are No Longer Interested in Sex?

Well, so says some expert.

But maybe very short hair doesn't express disinterest in sex, just in men.


Anonymous said...

What I found weird about that article that you linked is that it says, "Women who cut their hair short are reclaiming power in the bedroom." And then it says that women who cut their hair short aren't interested in sex. Here's my question: why must a woman reclaiming power in the bedrom equate with a lack of interest in sex? A woman in control in the bedroom equals NO SEX? Since when? Maybe the woman who lops her hair off is taking control in the bedroom and there shall be a lot of kinky stuff going down behind closed doors with role-reversals and all kinds of potentially steamy stuff! Speaking of sexism...sheesh.

I could go on about this one, but I won't.

That article was pretty lame, brother of mine.

-- Your Sister

Sean King said...

Agreed. I was not linking to the article because I was supportive of its conclusions. Quite the contrary.