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Monday, September 15, 2008

Russ Smith considers what will happen when Obama loses:

[I] do have an opinion of what will follow in this country if McCain pulls off what so recently seemed the miraculous feat of becoming the country’s 44th president. Voter fraud, conspiracy, “sleazevertisements” (the preferred term of many left-wing bloggers), disenfranchised voters, the return of redneck chic; those will be the immediate cries of Democrats who thought the election was in the bag. Once again, scores of celebrities will claim they’re moving abroad (and inevitably won’t). And then the depression will kick in hard.
Tom Bevan, co-founder of Real Clear Politics, was succinct: “Two words: Hari Kari. The base of the [Democratic] party is so vested in its nominee…that to lose in November would be one of the most demoralizing in the modern era."

Yes, I expect we'll see all five stages of grief: (1) denial; (2) anger; (3) bargaining/justifying; (4) depression; and finally, if we are lucky, (5) acceptance.

It may take a long time until we get to that last step.

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