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Thursday, April 15, 2010


I have seen the future of home computing, and it is the iPad. I'm convinced of it.

I am too. But, not just home computing, but most business computing too!

To determine whether it could really replace a laptop for business, I've taken it on my last two business trips, toting my laptop along just in case. Both times, my laptop never left my bag. My iPad, on the other hand, was used constantly.

As a business user, I find the biggest advantages of an ipad over a laptop to be the following:

1) 10 hour (plus) battery life with constant use.

That's right, unlike your laptop battery, which will last three hours at most, you can actually WORK on the iPad (or watch a movie or play games or whatever) for 10 straight hours on a single charge. Ten hours! It's amazing.

2) "Instant On".

Push the "home" button and the screen leaps to life immediately. Not only that, but you which it out of your bag, refresh your display, open your email inbox, and start typing emails in less than 10 seconds start to finish. Compare that to a laptop which takes a good 45 seconds to a minute to "wake up" from sleep mode, or two to three minutes to boot up from scratch, not counting how long it takes for Outlook to open.

Mark my words, no one will by buying laptops in three years. Well, almost no one.

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