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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

South Africa is in Shambles Former president Thabo Mbeki came under fierce attack once again as Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi released shocking statistics on the devastation HIV/Aids has inflicted on the country's population.

Motsoaledi said South Africans now had an average life expectancy as low as that of the people of a country at war.

"Life expectancy in South Africa at 47 years is like Afghanistan, which is at 44 years, and we know that they are at war. That means we are like a country that is at war," he said.

In 2005 life expectancy was 50.7 years compared to 63.3 years in 1990, according to Statistics SA.

The pathetic story of post-apartheid South Africa gets very little attention. It's not a politically correct narrative, I suppose.

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