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Sunday, February 22, 2009

CCIA Authored Works:

The following phrases constitute the CCIA Authored Works as of February 22, 2009:

* A Bailout-Free Company
* A Bailout-Free Blog
* A TARP-Free Company
* A TARP-Free Blog
* [Insert Company Name] is a Bailout-free Company
* [Insert Company Name] is a TARP-Free Company
* [Insert Blog Name] is a Bailout-Free Blog
* [Insert Blog Name] is a TARP-Free Blog
* A Bailout-Free Dude
* A Bailout-Free Chick
* Support Bailout-free Companies!
* Visit Bailout-free Blogs!
* A Bailout-Free Radio Show
* A Bailout-Free Talk Show
* A Bailout-Free Radio Station
* Member CCIA
* Member, Coalition for Capitalism and Individualism In America

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