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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Canada's Kangaroo Courts

For months, Glenn Reynolds has been documenting numerous abuses against freedom of speech perpetrated by Canada's Human Rights Commission ("CHRC"), an Orwellian name if there ever was one. Here's his latest post on the subject. Be sure to follow his link as the story there is truly unbelievable.

As the link suggests, the CHRC considers banning so-called "hate speach" to be one of it's primary mandates. What is hate speach? Well, whatever the CHRC says it is, silly! And, as Glenn's other posts on this subject demonstrate (just search his site for the word "kangaroo" and you'll find most of them), the CHRC defines "hate" very liberally--basically, any speach that potentially offends another person, especially a minority or special interest group beloved by the Left, is deemed hateful and may be banned.

Prior decisions of the CHRC are jaw-dropping in their scope and intrusiveness. So much so that one may be tempted to think that such a thing couldn't happen here in the US. I mean, there's no way that we'd ever allow courts to decide what we can say on issues of political or religious importance, right?


Is it any wonder that Canadian bloggers are showing much interest in this?

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